The drawer is dark most of the time but most people don’t know that it’s dark for a reason.  Each spoon, fork, and knife in the drawer lies quietly in its own spot, resting on their friends as they all sleep.  The silverware sleep so much that when they finally wake up they can’t move to say hello.  That was until one day a spoon found itself in the fork compartment. You see, their compartments keep them tidy and neat, so it was very odd that the spoon would be out of place. He tried to get comfortable with a fork, but the fork was not the right shape. The whole fork section rattled with restlessness.

            All at once the forks called out to the spoon, “Please leave, you’re ruining our sleep”. The spoon, realizing he was not where he belonged, wanted to leave, but he couldn’t remember where he went in the drawer. The spoon responded to the forks , “I don’t know where to go. I forgot where I belong.”  The forks continued to recite themselves in a rising chant , “Please leave, you’re ruining our sleep”.

            The spoon, worried about the forks growing tension, toppled over the side of the divider and landed in a very flat land. The forks cheered for a moment before falling fast asleep. Everything was silent now, but the spoon still didn’t feel as though he belonged. Everything was very level. The spoon knew he wasn’t where he fit.

            “Excuse me…” the spoon started, “Excuse me sir.”

            A low grumbled returned to the spoon “What is it?” commanded the  knife.

            “Excuse me Mr. Knife, but I’ve seemed to become lost in the drawer. Can you help me find my way?” asked the forgetful spoon.
            “If I help you, will you let me sleep?” asked the knife.

            “Absolutely” responded the forgetful spoon.

            “All right then. What are you?” asked the knife.

            The spoon paused for a moment. He could have sworn he knew the answer but all of a sudden he couldn’t remember. “I don’t know.”

            “Well where did you come from?” asked the knife.

            “I think I came from the forks.” replied the forgetful spoon. “I remember lots of chanting, but can’t seem to think of what they said.”

            “Perhaps you’re a fork then. Forks like to chant. Just go over this wall and you’ll be right at home.” said the knife.

            The spoon thought for a moment. It didn’t sound right but he had no other ideas of what to do. So, just as the knife suggested, the fork made his way back into the fork compartment. All at once the forks let out a groan.  “You again?” they said. “Please leave, you’re ruining our sleep”.

            The spoon was lost and confused. He had hoped he remembered where he belonged but was once again lost. He shuffled around and tried to join in with the forks, but he just didn’t fit. The more he tried, the louder the forks cry became. “Please leave, you’re ruining our sleep”. The spoon sad, scared and alone, climbed over the divider into the next compartment, allowing the forks to return to their rest.

            The spoon found himself in a familiar spot. “YOU AGAIN?!” shouted the knife. “I thought I sent you home.”

            “I thought you did too.” Cried the spoon. “But the forks say I don’t belong. I’m not a fork.”

            “Then what are you?” asked the knife.

            “I don’t know. I can’t remember. Maybe I’m a knife.” Said the forgetful spoon.

            “Impossible,” snarled the knife, “You aren’t sharp enough.”

            “What else is there?” asked the spoon.

            “Maybe you’re a spoon.” Suggested the knife.

            “A spoon? Of course. That’s what I am! Thank you Mr. knife.” said the spoon as he climbed the wall into the next compartment.

            A rustle rose, then all at once came a clamor. “AGAIN!” shouted the forks. “Please leave, you’re ruining our sleep”.

            “I’m sorry I’m ruining your sleep, but I found out what I am. I’m a spoon!” said the forgetful spoon excitedly. “Can you tell me where the spoons are?”

            The forks all pointed to the next section. The spoon found himself bounding over the compartment divider one last time. This time his landing was met with a hug. The cup shaped utensils all held one another perfectly and closely.  “Where did you go?”said another spoon.  “I can’t remember,” said the forgetful spoon, “but I know this is where I belong.”