Every night, everywhere
Children go to bed in fear.
Monsters crawl and ghost appear
They laugh and snarl and try to scare

But there’s a trick you didn’t know
Every winter, when the temperatures low
There stirs a creature within the snow
Whose grumbled voice begins to grow

Its hair is wiggly, like softened noodles
Its eyes are wild, like rabid poodles.
It comes with claws and teeth in oodles
A creature known as MonkeyDoodle

But when you see his ghastly form
Do not fear, or be alarmed
Monkey-Doodles do no harm
He’s a creature with endless charm

He protects and watches through the night
He never sleeps and hardly bites.
He only asks, to turn off the light,
He’s nocturnal and can’t see in bright.

If you do this, he’ll protect you
From Monster’s, ghosts, and witches too
He gobbles them and makes a stew
That’s what MonkeyDoodles are supposed to do.
So don’t be afraid, and turn off your lamp
Lay with ease and set up camp
When it’s cold or  when it’s damp
MonkeyDoodle  will be your champ