You've heard about gremlins and goblins and trolls... 
Of fairies and sprites but never of Trows.
They're little of course. Slimy and mean. 
Ugly, loud, and vicious obscene.

They come out at night, begging for food. 
They want water and light but especially you.
They want your attention. They want you to hear, 
Every word from their mouths right to your ear.

Demands of stories and kisses and hugs, 
While they cry from their itches and new fear of bugs.
Your house will be wrecked. Trows tear it apart.
They laugh and they wiggle at what they call art.

You give and you guide, you threaten and bargain.
Bite your tongue hard as your spirit grows sullen.

Till silence has fallen, though the night has gone by. 
A moment of peace before morning cry.

*Picture "Scary Children" by reginaroff*