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By beauties burn in emerald fields,
Ravaging dragons rise.
They split and choke and tare the ground
Consuming the earth from inside

They have thorns for their claws and serpent tails
Bleeding the bodies they're by.
They hide for a season... They hide for a reason...
The moon turns their gaze inside.

No mouths on their heads, No fangs in their face
A secret of how they get by.
In golden crowns within lion's manes
Their prayers to the sun makes them thrive.

Such is their plague of white seed decay
Can't cut out their crimson spines.
The field of dragons must be torn from their cave. 
Or their head will return each time.


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ROOTS: A Peculiar Tale

Mom was raised really religious. I mean, nose in a Bible all day long. No TV. Nothing. So when Mom got pregnant she insisted I have a Biblical name. Dad on the other hand didn’t really care much for the spiritual. Said it was too much nonsense. After a lot of debate they came to an agreement. He could pick any name, just as long as it came from the Bible. I know you’re thinking he chose something cool like Abraham, or Jacob, or even Enoch. Nope. My dad chose Abimelech.He’s kind of an asshole like that.
As if that weren’t bad enough they decided to call me Bimmy. I’m not really sure which is worse, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much because most people just call me “Hey you!” or “Harry Potter”. Whatever.I can’t blame anyone but myself. It’s been a while since I cut my long dark hair and I do have round glasses. It didn’t help that I was always reading too.
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Something cool brewed in the thick gray clouds. Specks of dust swallowed in a liquid shell swelled with great weight until one by one each fell. And suddenly it began raining. Logan didn’t like the rain. It wasn’t the dampness but the sudden and radical change that turned everything over. The air pressure rose and dropped, the temperature cooled, the light receded, and all the sounds of nature were replaced with the static crash of an army of drops.  It was all too aggravating for a child of great structure, like Logan, who became overwhelmed by such change.

Like most rainy days, Logan stayed in and watched TV with his headphones on under his heavy blanket to ignore the blatant defiance of nature. But today was different. Today was Logan’s brother Lucas' birthday. All morning while Lucas was out, Logan had been setting up ribbons and banners to prepare for the evening of singing and eating cake . As hard as Logan tried his best to block out the rain, the promise and excitement of …


We had love: An inferno burning with desire. 

Our flames bled into one, dancing with a breath of smoldering amber.

Tongues leaping as we consumed one another in a blaze of passion, stripping all color with a white hot glow.

It was intense… It was dangerous… It was final.
We should have known. The smoke told us.

What we had is gone... Leaving us damaged. All that remains is the crust of black regret and the scent of sulfur.

*Artwork by Lora Zombie can be purchased here.