“Where was I going?” I pondered as the light behind the numbered button turned off. The fancy man looked at the dim board and pressed the button again. The light came on…

“Ah, yes! Floor 36.”


We continued our flight up the corner of the building. It was Monday, and even though I did nothing all weekend, I was tired. Probably more tired than I would have been if I worked a little in the last few days. I feel stiff… Rusty.






“What happened to 13?” I wondered. “Shouldn’t there be a 13th floor? I’m sure I’ve been to the 13th floor before. It’s right after 12… Or before 12. I know it’s after 14 sometimes.”

The fancy man sighed deep as the light on 36 turned off. He pushed the button again; harder this time.


“Whoops. Sorry, I got distracted.” I thought.

My new friend, the fancy man, unintentionally shuffled back and forth to my music, making synchronized taps on my tiled floors. The song was pleasant with Bahs and Dahs the way I like. It’s such a good song.

"Bah bah dahh… ba  da da da dah...  Where was I? Oh yeah… 25!  Bah bah dahh… ba  da da da dah...  Dah dah dahhh... Here we are. Level 25.” I stopped and opened my doors. The fancy man didn’t get off.

“UGH!” The fancy man grunted, pressing 36 hard again. “Work!” He wanted the light to go on but I was lost.

“Woops!" I thought as I shut my doors. "What floor was I on again? 25. Where does he want to go?" I could feel him pressing a button frantically, but it wasn't registering. A light went on. "No time to think now, someone on floor 8 needs an me.” I started going down. The fancy man pushed the button again and again and my light finally went on… "Oh yeah, 36!"

 "C'mon!" shouted the fancy man as we continued going down.

“Sir, I’d love to help, but you’re going to have to wait your turn. Someone on 8 needs a lift.” He became more angry and impatient as I rushed off to help the 8th floor. Some people can be so inconsiderate.


...The man was making a song too as he reached into his pocket. He pushed a few buttons on his own black panel and began talking to himself.

“ Are they here?...Yeah, I know I'm late." Said the fancy man.  "I’m in the building but I’m stuck in the elevator again.I thought the building was going to have this stupid thing fixed.”

“Stupid? I’m not stupid!” I thought in offense. “I work really hard all day. Hold on… I love this part. Bah bah dahh… ba  da da da dah...  Bah bah dahh… ba  da da da dah...  Dah dah dahhh..."





“Here we are… Level 8!” I opened my doors with pride. The man stomped his feet as he exited in frustration.

“Don’t bother. It’s busted.” The fancy man complained  as he passed the the woman stepping in my box.

“Busted? I’m not busted. I took him all over the building. Some people are ungrateful.”