The morning was snow-covered and still. It was how Dominick liked his runs. The blue world turning yellow as beams of gold light raced over the horizon. Such was the freedom of the natural world. A freedom Dominick was only now old enough to experience on his own. Without his dad… without his older brother… Free to run as fast as he could. Beyond restraint.

His pace quickened as he bounced from one foot to another, exploding into full lunges.

Uncertain if he was running away or running towards something… Which way would he be faster? 

Further than further… Beyond the beyond.

Running like a monster was behind him. Dominick’s heart was thumping wildly inside his cage, beating to escape… Ready to fly. It was the thrill of a chase. To be faster than the danger. To be faster than himself.

Always faster… No matter where it lead. As long as he could outrun the ghost behind him.

Further than further… Beyond the beyond.

Sunlight began to splinter into passing arrows. Colors began to blur, warping into a tunnel around him. There was no way but forward as fast as he could go.

He could feel his feet burning from the friction against the pavement. Even through the snow. Even through his shoes.

He was traveling somewhere, in a way he couldn’t know, leaving the world behind him.

Further than further, beyond the beyond…

Forever lost in the wind.