The Power in the Ether

There is power in the ether; The living spirit of the world. The soul of each element.

Fire is brilliant, and bright, and consuming. It’s power is evident, glowing heat, with destruction and purpose.
Water quenches, and moistens and sooths. Water rushes. Water dilutes.
Earth is foundational, solid, a stronghold for all… holding, confining, and stopping.
Yet it is wind, the invisible element, which holds the greatest force. The elements bend to the power of the wind.
Wind is the song by which all fire dances, and the path by which water flows.  It travels with a whistle, it charges with a roar. The currents of wind can chill, they can burn, they can turn up the sea, tear through land with violent twists, and can crash together with enough frictional force to charge the sky with static energy, exploding in sizable bolts of electricity.

Wind is indeed a powerful force.
It is wind that gives life.
Such wonderful and terrifying power exists in the ether, which surges without cause, without intention… a mindless, unpitying, indifference.

Wind is the breath of the world.