NOTE: This was written as a result to a writing prompt on Reddit that was sent to me by my friend Erik. The prompt says "It is the end of days. God and Lucifer stand before the last human being. You are the first neutral soul who is neither good or evil enough to pass into a afterlife and thus must be judged personally. Unknown to them, you are Death and have come for them instead."

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I am Death, the end of life, and there are only two lives left to take. I was created in the garden, dripping from the fruit, born of the knowledge of good and evil, yet belonging to neither. I was a child, then and now, unchanged from a simple desire to do what was my only motivation.

It has been so long since then. Time has been depleted, civilizations passed. I stood on a mountain, overlooking the battlefield of the earth as the light of the sun was dimmed by the passing of a nuclear cloud. The world was finally empty. Mankind gone. I found the last one buried in a concrete hole, surrounded by the false reassurance of rations and supplies. She planned for everything except the cancer lingered in her chest from before the war. She was scared… Alone. Taking her relieved her soul.

I was given a purpose, one of great importance and misunderstanding.

I was worshiped as destruction and renewal. I’m neither. I’ve always been the last taxi driver. The one bringing life to it’s ultimate conclusion. Now I felt aimless, with hissing whispers in my ear. I knew the Devil, that fork tongued creature, was there with me. He stood with arrogance, adorned with precious jewelry as a king before his kingdom.

“What a shame.” He chuckled, reveling in the addiction he lead this poor woman to which finally brought me to her.

“She could have lived longer.” I contemplated for a moment.

“Yes… she could have.” The devil laughed loudly, finding himself even more amused. “We did it. Look at the image of God now. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“We?” I stated in shock. He nodded with a terrible smile. “There’s nothing left to do.” I realized.

“There certainly is.” The Devil insisted. “Your job is to kill. Well, you have the biggest life left to take. God!”

“God? I don’t think I can…”

“You did it before.” The Devil interrupted. “What’s one more time?”

It all seemed so odd that I couldn’t think. So much of what I did was instinct, pure reaction to a certain situation, but now… now I was given an order. A suggestion to do what was inherent in my nature. I looked at my feet. The mountain grass was wet with frost. When I looked up, I saw the mist of a burning flame overtake the edge of the cliff, slowly rising higher and higher, until the golden light of the living God, breached the peak like a new dawn.

“Don’t bother running.” Commanded the voice. The Devil trying desperately to hold his footing firmly in defiance, while fighting the urge to flee.

“Aren’t you proud of your creation? Look how wonderful it is now. Do you still think it is ‘very good’?” The Devil mocked.

With great pity, God shook His head in sorrow. “Even now, after all your plans have been accomplished… After you’ve taken my children from me, you still stand with such hate and rebellion. I knew you wouldn’t change, but you could have… and I wish you would have. I would have forgiven you.”

The Devil fell to the ground as if being shoved and held down by an unknown force. “TO HELL WITH YOU!” the Devil cursed.

God sighed. In that moment, my arm lifted outside my control and took hold of the Devil’s shoulder with a tenderness… then he was gone, as all the others before him.

“There is only one more left” I said with calculated withdrawal.

“You plan to kill me?” God sweetly replied.

“Death comes for us all.” I said with a tremble against the Almighty.

God stepped towards me with a gentle approach. Then He spoke with great weight “Death had already come for me, yet I live. But it is as you said, ‘death comes for us all.’

He placed his hand on my shoulder with tenderness, and I rested my hand upon his. I am death, the end of life, and mine was only one life left to take. I’m no longer needed any more.