*These are the dictates of the origins of time as told by the Stonecoats and written in the hand of man.*

       Before time, there existed only impetus, an energy which condensed into a single entity made entirely of luster. This luster was the celestial Spirit who became known as Talapas, King of Light. Talapas divided his light, giving form to Ataensic, an ancient body of sky and air. Between them was the strata, a sound without language but roared in a shaking voice. The strata shook until Talapas and Ataensic’s very essence translated into an energy which birthed the physical realm known to us as the Furtherland. Sound and Light could never be one again, but together their body was many. These bodies became known as the Totem Spirits, each with an intricate purpose in maintaining the physical realm.

       Man'una, maker of the soil; dirt and pebble, sculpting the very mountains. It was by his power that lands and valleys folded and formed.

       Selu, arrayed in petals and leaf, was the Mother of flora. She gave birth to twin sons Sap and Flint. Sap had dominion over the seeds and vegetation, sewing plantlife through the soil. Flint, however, brought darkness and death into the Furtherland with thorns, starting with his mother whose side he split open during childbirth. Seeing Flint’s destructive nature, Talapas buried him within the ground beneath his brother’s roots.

       Dyani, Mother of fur and feather, populating the surface with various fauna. Her nature was carnal and wild, among the leaf and meat eaters. It was her children who ruled the kingdom of the land, and she was proud of her domain.

       Pomola, Spirit of the wind and weather. Pomola wore the translucent wind with a frosty breeze.

       Talapas saw the world he created and was pleased with its balanced beauty. The Totem Spirits made new creations with wonderous forms and abilities. And yet, with each new generation born, the spirit diminished and the physical became stronger. Ataensic watched her creation as well, seeing Selu’s son, Sap, and became infatuated with his gentleness. Ataensic breathed into Sap, and he took root in her, becoming the Sky Holder. Together in secrecy, the two concealed their passions within the mountains and from them came the Stonecoats, a creature of strength and intelligence.

       These wonderful beings [the Stonecoats] quickly began to rule over the Furtherland, taking the animals for themselves to consume. Dyani, seeing the dominance the Stonecoats had over the land and animal, created creatures that crawled with fang and claw, but the Stonecoats had thick flesh, not easily punctured. After failing, she petitioned Talapas to rid the Furtherland of the Stonecoats. While angry that Ataensic and Sap who made this creation in secret, Talapas saw the Stonecoats and found something true in their spirit. They were bright creatures with a brilliant song. Rather than punish the new race, he condemned Ataensic to a corner of the furtherland, a void of air behind the vines where nothing but his light could travel. So Talapas, seeing a great imbalance once again split himself creating Atabey, a body of pure water. From Atabey sprang an ocean of life and spirits divided from the land. In time the oceans became full of creatures.

       Dyani, still grieved over the hunting of her beasts, seduced the Stonecoats, giving them instruction to take their food only from the water. The Stonecoats, were poor swimmers and had trouble hunting in the waters, but Dyani insisted. She instructed them to corner and kill a Sea Serpent, cutting along the spine with the sharpest knife, a blade made of pearl called Amexus. The Stonecoats did as they were told, taking the serpent from the water, but in their unskilled ability to traverse the waters, they failed to heed the warning on how to slay with a cut along the spine. Instead, they cut crossway across the body. The serpent thrashed violently, sprouting new limbs and wings. This serpent became T’soona, the Thunderbird. The magnificent monster took flight on his enormous wings, cracking the sky and shaking the earth with each monstrous flap. The serpent took to the air, nesting atop the Stonecoats’ mountain, exiling the Stonecoats from thei
r home of the rock where they created a city for themselves. A city of crystal and gems.

       Talapas heard the disturbance and saw what had been done. He saw Dyani’s deception of the Stonecoats and grew angry. Talapas decided to condemn Dyani to the void where he left the great sky spirit, Ataensic, banishing them both in the beautiful emptiness.