Did you ever wonder
Well, I'll tell you all a secret
That is only known by some.

Deep within the forest,
Atop a craggy hill,
A factory makes daddies
Within it's noisy mill.

His joints are fixed with levers.
His gut is made of stone.
His skin is made of Leather
With metal for his bones.

He's powered by big batteries
With gasoline for blood.
Wise and full of mastery
His fingers dipped in mud.

His chest is wrapped in plaid
His boots with rubber soles
You might be shocked that every dad
Has sawdust in his soul.

Every breath a gust of valor
Strong enough to push a sail.
His fists like iron hammers
with screwdrivers for nails.

Truly tough in every sense
And he's stronger than a buck
But when it comes to flatulence
He exhausts just like a truck.

He always knows the weather.
He's brave inside the hunt.
Whenever there is danger
He always stands in front.

He's made to guide in every way
With a compass for his nose.
He comes equipped with hockey sticks.
And different balls to throw.

Inside every daddies brain
Is implanted the grandest plan.
He's full of rules and wisdom
To make his boy a man.

So when daddies leave the assembly line,
From the factory that they're made,
They are Daddies who love their children
Each and every day.