Asher's Ascent

Beneath the tapered awning, just outside an aluminum screen door, lay a small golden grass doormat occupied by a sleeping ball of fur. The air was warm and wet and wakening noise was ricocheting off every surface of the trailer park early in the morning. It was a refuge for many people who had been cast aside by the world. A place where different people could settle together with humble homes for a time and enjoy a sense of community before moving on.

Asher, the little ball of fur on the golden grass doormat, has been here for some time. Much like the occupants of the park, he too had been left behind, owning only a collar and a name. You see, Asher is a cat with abnormal qualities. You wouldn’t know it watching him sleep the way he does, that this cat had been blessed with two sets of eyes; Four, for those of you not counting. He was a beautiful and sweet animal with orange wheat hair, but there must have been a wire or two crossed with the extra peepers because little Asher was pitiful in his inability to navigate. Most days he’d just lay around but every so often he’d make off as though he were exploring, moving trailer to trailer, bumping into sticks and walls as though he were completely unaware of the obstacles directly in his path.

He was a peculiar little creature… but the kids loved him.  They’d be coming outside to see him soon enough, grabbing little Asher and parading him around before heading off to school. He loved it.

However, today a strange arch of light had fallen on Asher. The cat looked up, seeing the bow of colorful rays reaching up to something just off in the distance. The sight was astonishing, not merely because it was unusual for a folk like you or me, but because this quadruple visioned feline could actually see it.  And I don’t know if a normal cat could observe the colors Asher was seeing, but doggonit he could see colors not even you or I could make out. He stared upward, looking into the tiny hole in the sky teasing him and the people making their way out of their homes noted and laughed. They couldn’t see it. They couldn’t see the wonderful path of light reaching down to Asher. Only his extra set of eyes knew for sure it was there. He reached his paw at it and….

It was something… Something solid. His little paw touched it. The people continued to walk past the little cat, amused at his typical oddball behavior but they couldn’t see it. They couldn’t touch it like Asher could. He pawed again… And again… Solid… Solid.  

Curiosity is oft warned of being the end of a cat, but nothing like this had ever happened to Asher. Nothing like this had ever happened to anyone he’d ever heard of. Even to a cat, none of it made any sense at all. The little ball of fur sat back and then pounced forward onto the solid beam of light and was now standing on it. He wandered up and down, step by step, sniffing and trying to scratch at this unknown ghostly path, but all his other sense failed to perceive it. The people saw the cat, who appeared to be floating, and marveled. They Ooohed and Ahhed and raced towards Asher, scaring the cat higher up the bow. The higher he climbed, the more he could see. And seeing how he couldn’t really see at all, it was easy to understand why Asher really liked that.

The little cat worked his way up the stream of light, moving into the clouds where upon reaching just past the thick ghost of white mist that obscured his now perfect vision, he saw something… Something large… Something wonderful. Atop the clouds he had been through on the arch of light was an enormous mountain, whose mouth flowed with rivers and water that overflowed at the edge. It was then that Asher understood where the wet air had come from. As he surveyed the incredible landscape that peaked with a palace atop the highest point, the little ball of fur began to evaluate the opportunity before him.

It was a new morning.