Jessica. Beautiful, Jessica. Your autumn hair sets me on fire the way it teases across your face, hiding your purple eyes like nightshade. Those eyes they find me in a crowded room. Lingering with affection. They satisfy like crisp water pouring over crimson lips.

Your slender frame sways with tight curves. You were drawn that way. Drawn with seduction. You animate me. Every moment with you is pleasing.

Give me your song, Jessica. Sing to me your passions. Tempt me with your tune.

I want to do right, like other men do... But I want you for my own. Selfishly. For the night. For any night. Always for me.

 I crave your skin pressed against mine. Hands against hands. Play your games with me. Games I like.

What would your husband think? Would he be valiant? Would he spare you from the judge and save you from the dip?

I’m such a maroon.

It’s wrong.
I know it’s wrong.
Forgive me this request.
Sing me one last song.