The Dark, Dark Hallway

      Everyone is asleep in the dark, dark house. Everyone but May. May has been turning... Fighting the sharp urge to use the bathroom. She wants to go, desperate for a break from the uncomfortable sweat warm sheets, but she knows what dangers are outside her bed… Outside her room. She twists her hands, struggling with the pressure below her stomach that is quickly making the decision for her. She will have to go. She will have to go through the dark, dark hallway, and she'll have to be fast.

      "Here it goes…"

      She jumps over the foot of her bed to the entrance of the hall. There, May can’t help but stop, just for a moment.

      She peaks into the dark, dark hallway. Long stretching walls frame the path; shadowy doors on every side. She wants to turn on the light, the switch only a swipe away, but if she wakes Dad he will be mad… like last time. She will have to be brave. Risking the dark, dark hallway instead of using light to ward off the grabbing claws and fangs that creep from within the shadows.

      One… Two… Three… Passed Eric’s room on the left.

      One…. Two… Three… Passed Mom and Dad’s room on the right.

      One… Two… She stops. She stops at the closet door that is open when it shouldn’t be. She is in the middle of the hall, vulnerable to what is before her, vulnerable to what’s behind. What monster is lurking within the closet? Is it a ghost?  Should she go back or face the unknown? Fear makes the decision.

      THREE! She rushes through, pushing the closet door shut… with a *BANG*!

      She turns the corner to the bathroom, clicks on the light and closes the door, pushing in the little button on the knob. She is safe in the bright tiled room. Locked in a pocket tucked in the dark, dark hallway.  May takes a second to catch her racing heart, finding it in the chest she is clasping for comfort. The bathtub curtain with yellow flowers is closed. Speculation fills the gaps of mystery as to what monster has slipped into the tub.

      She creeps slowly, aware that turning on the light already informed whatever creature lurking within that she had arrived.

      She creeps slowly, unsure of what she’ll do, but determined to see all the same,  to discover what is hidden behind the vinyl sheet.

      A quick grab…

      A pull...


      Nothing. No one there.

      Another sigh of relief as she sits, releasing herself from the now non-urgent weight on her bladder. The liquid takes its time and for a moment, May is safe. She knows she will have to go back. She knows she will have to turn out the light and any danger in the bathroom will soon manifest behind her; possibly lunging to take hold of her limb or hair. But she has to go back.

      "Here it goes…"

*CLICK*  Off turns the light in an eruption of speed back through the dark, dark hallway.

      One… Past the closet.

      One… Two… Past Mom and Dad’s room on the right.

      One… Two…Three… Past Eric’s room on the left.

      One… Two…Three… Straight into her room… jumping over the foot of the bed into the cold wet sheets.

      Her heart racing with anticipation, searching the shadows that still cover all corners in the dark, dark house. Deep breaths and panicked seconds pass and the fear recedes. She closes her eyes, finally ready for sleep…

      Dreams adrift... Interrupted by a foreign creaking.