The Baker and The Twin Treats

To my friends Jer and Enza and their new babies Giacomo and Vivianna

At the far end of the street,
Right near the train tracks,
Is a yellow brick home
Where the baker makes snacks.

A baker without a bakery
It's not his vocation.
The town had two bakeries
He didn’t sell his creations.

Instead he’d stay up all night,
Putting together various eats,
With sugars, flours, and eggs
To create exciting treats.

Mixing, folding, and blending 
No matter how strenuous.
When he finished his treats
The baker was generous.

He invited friends over
With his cravings restrained
He’d give out his pastries
And eat what remained.

But the Baker wanted
To be struck with inspiration.
Then one night he was ready
To construct his creation.

It was one he wanted,
The idea came sudden
He would create two treats:
A cupcake and a muffin.

He rushed to his pantry.
He planned all that he’d add
He grabbed his bowls, his mixers,
and every spoon that he had.

The muffin was stirred
with aggression and strength
The cupcake was folded
for minimal length

The muffin was hearty
A savory treat
The cupcake was dainty
Fluffy and sweet

The muffin was thickened
When he added molasses
In the cupcake he poured
Caramel from glasses.

The oven was toasty
The temperature just so.
The pastries were baked
Till they were ready to go.

When they were done
The baker gave his inspection.

He examined each angle
Of the entire confection.

What he found was exciting
Beyond an exception.

The pastries were flawless
In total perfection.

The baker had done it
He completed his task
With his muffin and cupcake
He was happy at last.


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