Tall buildings aren’t for children. The narrow halls and dark corners,
There are plenty of places to hide. But hiding is only fun if you can be found.

It had been a month since Jamie moved to the apartment.
She missed her old backyard. The tall summer grass. The brick and dirt paths.

Now all she had was concrete and plaster. Everything felt narrow...

For days Jamie stared out the window longing for a chance to go to be outside,
waiting long enough to make a plan.

She had one.

She grabbed her toys... A jump rope, a bear, and a miniature wand. She let herself out into the hall and onto the elevator.

The buttons looked like bubbles. She pressed them all, bringing them to life. The elevator ascended arriving at the top.

When the elevator had stopped Jamie stepped off finding only one door a few short steps away. She opened it to a bright blue world.

The sky... The air... Everything was fresh. Her dress caught the breeze. The marble slate was smooth on her bare feet. The world was alive!

She walked to the building's edge with bravery finding creatures captured in stone, staring out into the inaccessible earth below. Their face frozen in an a snarl...

The gargoyles appeared sad, angry, longing. She placed her toys among the statues, trusting the guardians of her new home. She stood beside them with compassion.

Jamie found a shallow puddle to dip her wand in. The fluid held together within the ring. She blew in the flat water, transforming shapeless liquid into bubbles.

She gave breath to a formless body... Bringing the bubbles to life.

The creatures stirred as well. As the bubbles floated from the roof, gently gliding to inaccessible earth below, the gargoyles churned in their cracking flesh.

Jamie giggled at the sport.

She dipped her wand again, blowing more orbs into the skyline. The monsters roared with envy.

Then the creature broke free, leaping out, arm stretched into the blue, chasing the bubble.

Jamie giggled.

It was her innocence that brought a monster's heart to life: Finding something beautiful to chase after, it took a leap of faith...

And hoped to fly.

- J.D. Clair