Sparkles of color flashed as the light went out in Gianna’s room.
It was bed time, just like the night before, and the night before that,
And shadows danced through the seam of light
Pouring through the slightly opened door.

By day, Gianna was strong hearted and daring,
By night, despite being confined to her dark room, she remained brave.
Drowsiness often brought night time itches and
With pleasant scratches she sank into her velveteen blanket.

The blanket was cool and comfortable,
Wrapping softly around the bends of Gianna’s wiggling limbs.
In no time at all, she had fallen asleep.

Some time later Gianna awoke to find a dark house.
The glowing gold light that had splintered through the cracked door was gone.
Rumbles of muffled Television had become replaced by the static wind of a fading air conditioner.
Even with the velveteen blanket on the floor, the room was hot and stuffy.

Uncomfortable, Gianna tossed and twisted,
Hoping to find a relief from the warm sweat.
She turned her pillow over to find it cool to the touch.
She placed her face on it and In no time at all she had fallen back to sleep.

Some time later Gianna woke again...
The house remained tinted blue with long exotic shadows,
And somehow became even hotter than before.
Gianna turned her pillow, hopping for the sweet comfort she found earlier,
But both sides were equally warm and sweat soaked.

Frustrated Gianna brushed the long hair which had covered her face and remembered her blanket...
Her velveteen blanket that was still on the floor.
She reached off the bed to find the blanket was cool, very cool.
The blanket was spectacularly frigid.

Quickly Gianna wrapped the blanket around herself,
Letting Goosebumps form as the blanket met her skin.
She pulled the blanket up, over her head as a hood…
and In no time at all she had fallen back to sleep.

Some time later Gianna woke again,
Now in the belly of the blanket which had swallowed her,
She swam through the still cold fabric, chasing the golden morning light to find her way out.
First her arm, then the other, and finally her head.

The room had gone… so had the door… and the bed…
Gianna found herself laying in a wonderful, white tundra.
There were no houses… Not even trees.
All that existed there was Gianna and her velveteen blanket.