Every one on a farm works hard.
The farmer, the chickens, the cows, the pigs,
Even the farm mice scurry with purpose
searching for new sensations to discover.

This was also especially true for the farmer's son, Elijah.
Elijah had helped his dad on the farm since the day he was able to crawl,
picking up stray straw that had fallen from the bales his father carried.
Work was constant, but always necessary and rewarding. 

On Elijah's sixth birthday, he woke to find that all the chores had already been done,
His father, mother, and two sisters woke up extra early
to do it all and give Elijah time to play.

The boy beamed with delight, thinking of all the things they'd do.
They walked to the pond and fished a bit, then rode his favorite horse Max
But soon the family had become exhausted.
The early hours and various activities had worn them down to near fainting.

One by one, the family sat on the front porch
Drinking in the wonderful rest they so desperately needed.
Elijah, however, was more wound up than ever and wanted to explore.

"Stay near the farm." his mother directed.
Elijah was a good boy, and rarely ever gave his parents concern.
He did what he was supposed to, and hearing directions once 
was almost always enough.

Elijah wandered around, kicking stones, picking up sticks,
and chasing the smaller furry animals.
He turned back every so often to ensure his house was in sight
and had every intention of staying where he was supposed to be.

Elijah made his way to the wooded area that defined the boundary
between the farm and nature.
Long rows of thin and thick trees stood like pegs in a board,
and there, just behind the dividing row of trees,
was a wonderful moss covered log.

Elijah looked back to see if his house was still visible at the great distance.
He could barely see what appeared to be his mom and dad,
rocking in their chairs and waved to assure them he was still obeying.

He stepped into the woods, still looking over his shoulder for the house.
He touched the soft, green carpeted lichen.
The log was hollow and appeared to be just big enough to fit inside.
He stooped and entered with inquisitive wonder.

The inside was even more mystical than the outside,
lined with sparkling crystal geodes.
The rocks nearly glowed as the afternoon light
seeped in through the logs frayed bark.

The refractions of light glistened with wonder
cycling through the various hues of the spectrum.
The boy looked back, through the hollow log,
to see his home, but the brightness of the light hid it.

Concerned, the boy left the log,
Only to find he had was no longer in the wooded area.
Nor was he on his family's farm...

Elijah found himself in a strange crystal meadow,
lined with beaming radiant stones,
Each one with a soft fuzzy light tethered above.
The light swayed with a gentle autumn breeze.

Elijah turned 6 today,
and had an endless crop of candles to blow out.