Everyone loves music...
Music to listen to, music to play,
music to tap their foot along casually when no one is watching.
In that regard, Melody was like everyone else.

When she was 3 she'd sing at the top of her lungs,
reaching volumes far louder than the radio
and even rattling the apartment walls.
This would have been wonderful, if melody could keep a tune.

Melody's pitch was often coarse and jarring,
becoming less tolerable with the years,
but she sang with passion non-the-less.
That was until she became 7 and the once cute feature
had become stale and unwelcome.

Melody's mother expressed to her lovingly,
that the song she sang should be kept in private.
Melody appreciated her mom's candor,
but sadly chose to not sing, not even alone.

Years had gone by and Melody had grown into a 14 year old,
soft spoken and beautiful young woman.
Melody was well liked, and never afraid to give her opinion with grace and poise,
but refused to raised her voice, in joy or anger.

One day, during the mandatory music class at school,
The music teacher, Ms. Mississippi, discovered Melody hadn't been singing.
She had been mouthing the words along casually
Letting the volume of her classmates conceal her shame.

"Please sing louder, Melody." Ms. Mississippi warbled.
Melody had a solid resolve and continued with her rouse.
Ms. Mississippi , now aware, continued to listen for Melody's voice,
finding none.

 "Please sing louder, Melody." Ms. Mississippi warbled again.
Melody screeched a bit, letting the tiniest bit of air to pass through her vocal cords.

"Everyone stop." Ms. Mississippi shouted,
tapping her baton on the music stand.

"Please sing louder, Melody. This time alone."
Ms. Mississippi warbled one last time.

The room went silent for a moment,
followed by several whispers and chuckles.
"Please, don't make me Ms. Mississippi." Melody pleaded.

Ms. Mississippi crossed her arms and waited.
Melody once again squeaked out a word with a note
the class chuckled and whispered.
"Shhhh!" Ms. Mississippi reprimanded.

"Please continue."
Melody continued unsure, only to find her notes and words matched
unlike they had ever done before.
She was singing and the sound was lovely.

The volume of Melody's voice quickly rose
matching her new found confidence of a lost passion.
She sang hard and wild,
hitting notes and pitches beyond even Ms. Mississippi experience.

One song lead into the next, with such brilliance
That the notes could actually be seen leaving Melody's lips.
The class was stunned silent as Melody continued.

The very essence of Melody's nature converted into sound,
beginning at her feet and traveling slowly up through her body
with every passionate note that was released.

No one had noticed that Melody was disappearing
until the only her floating head remained.
Then, with a final breath and an astonishing crescendo,
Melody had vanished entirely.